natural fed beef
since 1957
Where natural, local food isn’t just a catch phrase. 
We sell our own beef 100% of the time!
We believe in being responsible stewards of our land, the crops we grow, and the animals we raise. 
We guarantee that our beef and local products are free of antibiotics, hormones, steroids, chemical nitrates, and preservatives.

   We consider ourselves to be conscientious farmers, taking part in an incredible heritage.  

   We use traditional, smaller scale, sustainable farming techniques to produce the finest food products possible and to reconnect consumers with our rich agricultural heritage.

  Though the terms “sustainable,” “local,” and “natural” are the latest craze in the corporate big box world (and the terms are too often used to mislead), there is a world where the words are real. 

Please stick around and explore our site to discover what it means to support local, wholesome food - and farming!  

Come discover the world of FAUL FARMS!